Arnetta Villela-Smith (she/her) is a multimedia Black queer performance artist, producer, professor, activist, and DJ. Drawing from her expertise in African American studies, she creates productions for conferences, organizations, individuals, and personal projects. Since 2007, Arnetta has performed as her alter ego, King McQueen. Her drag performance disrupts and infiltrates the male-dominated art form and counters the over-representation of white drag kings. Her goal is to further social justice by creating dynamic multimedia performances that center representation, social issues, education, liberation, healing, and celebration.

Arnetta was awarded the Creating Queer Community grant from the Queer Cultural Center - San Francisco in 2016. The grant provided support for her first full-length project, Seeds. Seeds and other media projects are created under her independent production company Mi[C]heck Media & Productions.


Arnetta's Curriculum Vitae