"When you control a man's thinking you, do not have to worry about his actions."

Carter G. Woodson ("The Mis-Education of the Negro")



Arnetta Villela-Smith is a professor of Ethnic Studies at Fullerton College in Orange County, California. She received a bachelor of arts in Africana Studies and her masters of Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University. Her thesis, entitled From the Margins: Representations of Africana Queer Women in Media, examines the representation of Africana Queer Masculine of Center (MOC) women in film and television from 1994 to 2014. She argued that most media representations of Africana Queer MOC women were influenced by and constructed as a combination of historically racist and gendered Black tropes. Her focus was on gender presentations and social positions within the characters' professional and personal relationships. She wanted to decode and analyze messages that unearthed how Black MOC lesbians uniquely portrayed negative images of Black womanhood and Black masculinity. The research resulted in a typology based on her findings of blended gender stereotypes.

As a professor, she is committed to student equity, access, and success. She designs her courses to provide an inclusive and holistic education aimed at psychological and community liberation. She blends traditional and new media to create a transformative 21st-century learning environment and offers a culture that fosters interactive participation.

Ethnic Studies


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